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About the Jarvis Dental Lab Team

Jarvis Dental Lab is a family owned and operated dental lab that strives to provide the best possible customer service to our dentist partners. Our goal is simple... keep our dentists happy! If our dentists are happy, it means we are doing our job right! It means we are delivering on our promise to provide quality crowns & bridges that meet the highest standards in performance, durability, and appearance. It means we are exceeding the dentist's expectations on customer service and timely delivery. It means we have fostered a strong partnership. We are constantly seeking ways to improve and make our dentists "happy, happy, happy" (Phil Roberston, Duck Commander).


We offer our dentists FREE Primescan Digital Impression systems and provide continued user support and training to advance our services together. This allows our dentists to improve patient experience, increase productivity, and stay on the forefront of advanced dental technologies!


We provide services to dentists across the US and continue to grow and expand our operations while maintaining the highest level of personal customer service.







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